Tech Savvy Kids


imagepodcastsmall.jpg "They’re the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital media”“Born between 1980 and 2000, they’re a generation nearly as large as the Baby Boom, and they’re charged with potential. They’re variously called the Internet Generation, Echo Boomers, the Boomlet, Nexters, Generation Y, the Nintendo Generation, the Digital Generation, and, in Canada, the Sunshine Generation. But several thousand of them sent suggestions about what they want to be called to Peter Jennings at, and “Millennials” was the clear winner. “ Managing Millennials by Claire Raines 2002

Listen to student voices, and watch student produced movies that help us to understand what “The Millennials” want us to know about their learning style.
Tech Savvy Kids (TM) offers today’s students a chance to explore opportunities presented by the technological revolution through
  • technology curriculum enrichment
  • after school programs
  • summer camps
  • student tech leadership teams
What's Happening* Tech Savvy Kids 2011 (Orleans and Newport)

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Student produced movie from Tech Savvy Kids Camp Summer 2010 held as part of FCSU Open Doors.

Tech Savvy Kids help prepare classrooms for opening of school.

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